Whether you’re the type of person who craves a lot of social interaction or whether you prefer as little as possible, volunteering has social, career and personal benefits.  When you volunteer, you have the opportunity to make a true difference in the lives of others.  Here are 3 good reasons to volunteer.

a. Volunteering your skills helps you develop new skills. 

In my experience, skills-based volunteering is an excellent opportunity to develop talents to help you get ahead in your career. Also, volunteering in a new industry will give you knowledge to help you switch industries.

b. You’ll expand your perspective

The people we meet often influence us in powerful ways. But it’s not easy to get into circles of people who all share your personal perspective, more or less. Volunteering can really change this, when you volunteer anywhere, whether abroad or locally, you work with different age groups, ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds.  That can only widen your view of the world.

c. Gets you out of your comfort-zone

Through volunteer work, you may overcome the personal challenges of leaving your comfort zone and doing something new with people you may not know. You may be faced with various problems to solve as a volunteer that require you to exercise critical thinking skills that aid your own personal development.

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